Perfect Design

The developed designs are tailored to each customer and individually adapted. Every design is unique and presents your company more innovative.

Professional Advice

We support and advise you individually in every phase of development. From the planning phase through the prototype phase to marketing.


We develop native solutions in the field of back & front end, taking into account existing network and server structures.

Commerce Solutions

If required, e/mCommerce solutions can be developed as an individual solution and provided via suitable media.

Let your ideas become reality through FutureApp

Your innovation is our motivation. No matter what concepts, ideas or ideas you have, do not wait for someone else to overtake you with your own ideas. Take the initiative and contact us, we will help you immediately. 28 years of development know-how coupled with innovation and market expertise are available to you without restrictions.

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Their daily routine is determined by "encrusted" processes. Optimize it now !


FutureApp gets your idea to fly

Future-App designs and develops software and hardware solutions with a special focus on IOT solutions (Internet of Things) in the areas of healthcare, safety & security and industry 4.0.


What are you waiting for ? Start Today !

By networking everyday objects and devices, we create new business models that positively change customer relations and communication. Our customers experience great benefits through our Internet of Things (IOT) solutions as objects communicate with each other in real time.


Companies with innovation have a future

Connected devices undermine your personal safety every day. Unfortunately, the user will not notice until it is too late !

More and more devices around us are connected to the Internet and the number of devices is now more than the inhabitants of our planet. This represents a new kind of threat to us. It requires new, intelligent security solutions through Future App to protect you.


What are you waiting for ? Start today!

Business processes along the entire value chain are completely digitized, encrypted, automated and optimized by us. Customer loyalty will be greatly expanded and strengthened by our new IOT solutions, while at the same time new business models will be established.


Innovation comes through an innovative team!

Each of our IOT solutions is the fusion of different things, ie devices and services in the sense of the Internet of Things, into a homogeneous and secure real-time system.

Turnkey solutions from a single source

FutureApp has the following competencies:


Individual projects and individual solutions in the form of software. Future-oriented and state-of-the-art.

Apps for all platforms - from Android and iOS to HTML 5 for the mobile web. Integrated in your services and products.

User-friendly and technically high-quality web applications for your company - according to your needs, individually and bite-sized.

We provide our customers with innovative & professional development, as well as a wide range of technology services. Our approach is based on the leading and marketable technologies that enable the development of platform independent systems.

Our technologies are among others:

  • Apple iOS
  • Google Android
  • Java
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Struts
  • Hibernate

FutureApp provides an attractive service portfolio.

Innovation comes through an innovative team!

We are part of FutureApp


Graphic Designer



Important Milestones in the Development


The requirement specification usually consists of four parts:

  • Description of the requirements
  • Who participates in the development and is responsible for which task
  • Which requirements are fulfilled?
  • How and by when should the implementation take place?

The term software development refers to the conception and implementation of software projects and the associated processes. The actual development takes place in one or more development languages ​​with appropriate syntax.


A software test checks and evaluates software to meet the requirements defined for its application and measures its quality. The findings are used to detect and correct software errors. Tests during software development serve to commission the software as error-free as possible.


Acceptance includes all hardware and software components, taking into account performance requirements and essential conditions that must be met before the software / modules of a project are accepted. After successful acceptance, the production phase or system operation usually starts

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